Angels miss lefty Oliver in bullpen

Angels miss lefty Oliver in bullpen

ARLINGTON -- Most of the talk on Monday centered on Rangers slugger Vladimir Guerrero facing his former team.

But manager Mike Scioscia pointed out that the Angels have missed another player currently on the Rangers' roster -- left-handed reliever Darren Oliver.

Oliver was a mainstay in the Angels' bullpen the past three years. Last season, he played a vital role, posting a 2.71 ERA in 63 games.

"As we've gotten off to a rough start and people talk about the guys that are missing, probably the guy that's as important as anything and gets the least amount of talk is D.O.," Scioscia said. "He was very, very important to our bullpen and filled a variety of roles. He's definitely a guy who has left some footprints in our bullpen that we're trying to fill."

Indeed, Oliver has pitched well so far for the Rangers, while the Angels have struggled. Oliver leads the Majors by stranding all 13 runners he has faced. The Angels' bullpen, on the other hand, has the highest ERA among American League teams at 5.30.

Still, Oliver has no regrets and enjoyed his time in Anaheim.

"I'm past that," Oliver said. "I can't say anything bad about the Angels. I enjoyed my time with them. It's part of the game. The first time I got traded I was bitter, but now I've been around and know how it works."