Angels exploring trade options for depth

Angels exploring trade options for depth

OAKLAND -- Angels starter Jered Weaver said he doesn't think the team needs to react to the Clff Lee swap with a trade of its own, saying Los Angeles is fine as is.

Manager Mike Scioscia said something along the same lines, but reiterated that general manager Tony Reagins has been open to trade discussions since Kendry Morales went down with his season-ending injury on May 29.

"Our lineup needs to get deeper," Scioscia said. "If there's someone out there who is going to make us deeper, Tony is going to act on it. As of right now, there hasn't been a lot presented that is going to be doable for what other teams are looking for and what we might have."

Scioscia said if the team was to trade for another bat before the July 31 Trade Deadline, he would prefer it was a player who was signed past the 2010 season, even with the Lee trade finalized.

"Our philosophy is not to bring someone in here for two or three months and empty your cupboard in the Minor Leagues to do it," Scioscia said.