Washburn pregame quotes

Washburn pregame quotes

Generally when pitchers go out and pitch for an hour and a half or so or two innings, three innings, and then the game is delayed, what are the toughest things about coming back and pitching when it's resumed and what's the maximum delay a pitcher can go through before he should go out there again?

JARROD WASHBURN: You're talking about a rain delay?


WASHBURN: I think everybody's body is different. You know, some people don't get real stiff until the next day. Some people get stiff in like a half hour. I think everybody is different and it's just, you know, take it case by case.

What about you?

WASHBURN: Me personally, once I'm warmed up, I'm warmed up pretty good. I don't usually get too stiff until the next day, or at least a few hours. So if it's only a couple of innings that I've pitched, I shouldn't have a problem going out there within an hour or two for sure.

Could you just give us an update on your elbow and when that started feeling better for you?

WASHBURN: Yeah, it feels great right now. Yeah, I took those two weeks off towards the end of the season with one thing in mind and that was just to be ready for the playoffs and be as ready as I could for the team so I could help my team be ready for the playoffs. Did exactly what I wanted by taking those two weeks off.

I got one start where I went a full start and then I just had a little tune up there right before the end of the season, so it feels great right now.

Has the thought crossed your mind at all that your next start could be your last start?

WASHBURN: No. Because hopefully that's not the case. So, no, it has not crossed my mind.

Are you eager to get back out on the mound in the post season after the way last year ended? I'm sure that wasn't a good memory for you all winter?

WASHBURN: Yeah, last year definitely didn't end the way I wanted to. I am eager to get out there and erase those memories.

Does it worry you at all when you see that maybe from the other side, too, that the big hitters on these teams really haven't done anything yet in the series. As a pitcher going into that, does it worry you that at some point these guys have to break out?

WASHBURN: Not really. They always say good pitching beats good hitting. So I think it's just a matter of Bartolo and John and the Yankees pitchers, as well, have done a good job of making pitches to the big hitters in the first two games of these series.

If I continue to go out there and I know if I make good pitches to those guys, that I should be able to get them out. So hopefully that continues.

Just from a pitching standpoint, were you a better pitcher this year than when you went 18 5, just because you didn't get much run support this year, and could you compare how you pitched in those two seasons?

WASHBURN: Yeah, I think I am a better pitcher than I was then. Won/loss record I think doesn't tell the whole story.

You know, as far as in 2002 when I won 18 games, I was basically just a fastball pitcher and I reared back and said, here it is, hit it. Now I have four pitches that I throw and I feel very confident in throwing any of them in any count. And I also have better command of all of my pitches than I did in 2002, as well as better command of my fastball.

So it's a constant learning process out there on the mound and I think my stuff is getting better and I'm getting a little smarter, too.

What did Mike tell you about the decision to start Paul in Game 3 and you in Game 4, and were you surprised, anticipating going tonight?

WASHBURN: I wasn't anticipating it, but that's Mike's decision. They just said they felt better with Paul in Game 3 and me in Game 4. That was the explanation I got and that's fine. I'm ready to pitch whenever he wants me to.

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