Catchers, Haren meet to get on same page

Catchers, Haren meet to get on same page

ANAHEIM -- With new addition Dan Haren making his Angels debut just one day after being acquired in a trade with the D-backs, the Angels held a special meeting before Monday's game against the Red Sox to acquaint Haren with catchers Jeff Mathis, Mike Napoli and Bobby Wilson.

The pregame meeting, which also featured Angels manager Mike Scioscia and pitching coach Mike Butcher, was just a way for the Angels coaching staff and the catchers to get a feel for how Haren pitches.

"We wanted to get an understanding of basically how he likes to pitch, what he likes to throw in certain counts, where the catcher sets up," Scioscia said. "That pitcher-catcher communication is an ongoing thing so we wanted to start it and we'll keep going with it. They'll plenty of conversations so that we're all moving in the right direction."

Haren's first batterymate was Mathis, who said he was excited to catch Haren in his first start with the Angels and that the meeting was a good first step.

"We went over some signs and stuff and what he likes to do," Mathis said. "Just from the looks of it, he throws strikes with everything.

He uses of all of his pitches and just really knows how to pitch."