Lackey returns to SoCal as a visitor

Lackey returns to SoCal as a visitor

ANAHEIM -- Red Sox right-hander John Lackey admitted it was a little strange coming to Angel Stadium as a visiting player for the first time since leaving the Angels as a free agent after eight seasons.

"It's different being on this side of the field," Lackey said. "I had to walk across the field because I wasn't sure where the clubhouse was over here, so it's definitely different."

Lackey, who is scheduled to make his first start at Angel Stadium as an opposing player on Tuesday, said he's looking forward to the challenge with the chance to face his former teammates for the second time this year.

"It'll be fun," said Lackey, who allowed just one run over seven innings against the Angels at Fenway Park on May 5. "I've won a lot of games at this stadium. I'll be comfortable out there for sure."

As for his reception, Lackey said he didn't know how the fans would react, but Angels manager Mike Scioscia had a strong opinion on the matter.

"I hope he's welcomed very warmly from our fans," Scioscia said. "John pitched great baseball for us for a long time."