Scioscia staying patient with Bourjos

Scioscia staying patient with Bourjos

BOSTON -- Having demonstrated the ability to save runs and prevent big innings with his blinding speed, glove and accurate arm in center field, young Peter Bourjos is being given time to adapt offensively with the Angels.

Getting his first exposure to Fenway Park and its notorious triangle leading to the 420 sign in right-center field, Bourjos was in center for the series opener against the Red Sox, facing All-Star Clay Buchholz. Bourjos came into the series batting .135 in 11 games and 37 at-bats.

Bourjos has hit a number of balls on the nose and has been victimized by a string of brilliant defensive plays. It's part of the transition to the big time, manager Mike Scioscia said.

"He's hit some balls hard, but that's the Major Leagues," Scioscia said. "The field shrinks when you get to the Major Leagues. There's a significant upgrade in range from Triple-A to the Major Leagues. All hitters who come up comment on balls they thought were in the hole, but plays were made.

"Obviously we have to be patient with him. He's trying to settle in and get comfortable in the batter's box. I don't think he's tapped into everything he can do. He's a good bunter. He got one down against Toronto the other night, and if he drops that same bunt in the Minor Leagues 50 times, he's probably safe 50 times. But [Aaron Hill] made an unbelievable play."