Slimmer Wilson ready for increased role

Slimmer Wilson ready for increased role

TEMPE, Ariz. -- Nobody in Angels camp is getting more second -- and third -- looks than catcher Bobby Wilson. Eliminating 33 pounds will do that.

Wilson, who finished last season at 243 pounds, arrived to camp at 210. His new bride, Lori, who became Mrs. Wilson on Dec. 4, is partly, perhaps primarily, responsible for the chiseled new frame.

"I wanted to look good in the wedding pictures," Wilson said, tongue in cheek.

Truth is, he shed the pounds with diet and exercise at home in Florida to become quicker and more athletic behind the plate. He's ticketed as the No. 2 receiver, behind Jeff Mathis, with their good buddy Mike Napoli now flexing his muscles for Texas. Wilson appeared in 40 games last season, batting .229 and handling the staff expertly, and easily could double that number this year.

"I feel like I can move around a little better," Wilson said. "It's exciting, very exciting. I did a lot of strength and conditioning work and ate five times a day, a lot of chicken, fruits and vegetables."

The wedding photos turned out just fine as the couple headed to the Cayman Islands for their honeymoon.