Outfielders adjust to new positions

Outfielders adjust to new positions

Outfielders adjust to new positions
TEMPE, Ariz. -- Left field is all new to Vernon Wells, and right is still relatively new to Torii Hunter. That's 12 Gold Gloves on the corners, with young Peter Bourjos in center ready to absorb all that knowledge from his wing men.

"This is a great opportunity," Bourjos said. "I mean, it's an honor to play along with guys like that, and Bobby Abreu. I just want to get comfortable and do my part."

Wells is following Hunter to a corner spot after spending 12 years in center in Toronto. Wells is embracing the move and is especially looking forward to playing on Angel Stadium's grass surface after all those years on Toronto's carpet.

The center fielder traditionally runs the outfield, but this, as Angels manager Mike Scioscia characterized it, "is a unique situation when you have three center fielders in the same outfield."

Wells, who made his Angels debut in left on Monday against the Athletics, has been occupied in camp getting a feel for how the ball comes off the bat in his new location. Like Hunter, he'll also have corners and ballpark quirks to learn along with hooks and slices as he moves along.

"They know hitters," Scioscia said, referring to Wells and Hunter. "Torii's gotten settled in. Both Vernon and Torii have been in Peter's shoes at some time in their careers. This isn't an ego thing. The center fielder is going to take everything he can reach.

"You want those guys out there a lot [this spring]. To play as a unit is going to take some time."