Scioscia not down on headfirst slides

Scioscia not down on headfirst slides

Scioscia not down on headfirst slides
ANAHEIM -- In the wake of injuries to the Rangers' Josh Hamilton and the Dodgers' Rafael Furcal, Mike Scioscia was asked before Wednesday's game if his club has a policy on headfirst slides.

"No, guys have been sliding headfirst for 100 years," Scioscia said. "Sometimes it's the only way to avoid a tag.

"We don't ban a headfirst slide. But certainly you like to see the good, hard popup slide, hook slide, slides that maybe have a little less inherent risk. Especially at home plate, we do discourage headfirst slides at home."

Hamilton fractured his right arm on Tuesday while attempting to score on foul popup in the first inning of the Rangers' game against Detroit. Hamilton is expected to miss six to eight weeks.

On Monday, Furcal broke his left thumb when he slid into third base in San Francisco and will likely be out four to six weeks.

Scioscia said it's "virtually impossible" to avoid headfirst slides all together, especially on pickoff plays at first base. But what the Angels do is emphasize technique to their players for when they opt to slide headfirst.

"I think there's a proper way to do it," Scioscia said. "There's a proper way to use more of your chest as opposed to your shoulders. It's more of a slide and not a dive."