Scioscia wants Hunter to 'settle down' at plate

Scioscia wants Hunter to 'settle down' at plate

Scioscia wants Hunter to 'settle down' at plate
ANAHEIM -- While Torii Hunter continues to struggle at the plate, in the middle of a 3-for-36 slump over the last nine games, Angels manager Mike Scioscia believes that he can turn it around just by settling down in the box.

"He has become a little big on his swing and he has been trying to maybe create a little too much," Scioscia said. "He isn't taking what pitchers are giving him, especially with guys in scoring position."

Through 18 games this season, Hunter was batting .208 with three home runs and a team high 10 RBIs. He is hitting .245 against right-handed pitchers and .125 against lefties.

"I think he is just trying too hard and trying to do too much at the plate," Scioscia said. "He needs to settle down a little bit."

With such urgency, Scioscia said it is throwing off Hunter's timing, where he is ahead of breaking balls and behind fastballs.

Scioscia has considered giving Hunter a day off, thinking it may move him ahead and get Hunter out of the funk he is in.

"We have given days off to other players, and if it will help Torii, it is something we will do," Scioscia said. "We have talked about it because all of these guys are going to need a day off at some point. We will see when it makes sense.

"He just needs to get a feel and rhythm at the plate, but he will get there."