Walden introduces changeup to game action

Walden introduces changeup to game action

Walden introduces changeup to game action
ANAHEIM -- Angels closer Jordan Walden added a new pitch to his repertoire during Wednesday night's outing in Boston, throwing five changeups -- including one that Boston outfielder Jacoby Elsbury singled on to tie the game.

"It was a pitch that he got up a little," said manager Mike Scioscia, "but he was going to be swinging away, so I had no problem with the pitch."

In fact, Scioscia expects Walden to start mixing it in more.

"It's a new pitch for him in a game, but he's always had a good changeup," Scioscia said. "It's part of his best stuff. His motion is good with it, complements the change in velocity. It's a pitch that he will use."

There are steps a pitcher takes as he gets settled into the Majors and adds to what he does on the mound.

"You try to get your feet on the ground in the Major Leagues," Scioscia said. "First lesson is command with his fastball, second is getting a consistent breaking ball.

"Last year, he was just trying to throw fastball, power breaking ball, and see how that played. Now he's introducing his changeup. It can be a good out pitch and complement all the other stuff he has, so he'll use it."

As for the result Wednesday night, Scioscia said that you find out what closers are made of when they blow their first save.

"He was fine, next day he was ready," Scioscia said. "He's very competitive. He understands it, he's ready for the challenge mentally, moving forward."