Prankster Hunter expects Scioscia payback

Prankster Hunter expects Scioscia payback

Prankster Hunter expects Scioscia payback
ANAHEIM -- A day after dumping a cooler full of ice water on Angels manager Mike Scioscia in celebration of his 1,000th win as a manger, Torii Hunter knows he won't be able to relax until Scioscia gets revenge.

To combat this problem, Hunter said he'll receive support from players to help him out if they see Scioscia coming. The short list includes: Alexi Amarista, Peter Bourjos and Mark Trumbo.

"He walked past my locker today with a grumpy face and just stared at me like he wants to get me back, Hunter said on Monday.

"I hired a couple of guys, so if they see him coming, they'll just scream. Amarista, he'll never see him coming. Bourjos is quick, he'll tell me before it happens. Trumbo is like Thor -- he'll be my strong guy and will lay the hammer down before he gets too close to me."

Hunter believes that Scioscia's prank will be something different and probably worse.

Just before Monday's game against the Chicago White Sox, Scioscia said Hunter better watch his back in Spring Training.

"He'll probably wait until Spring Training. He doesn't want to hurt me during the season, but Spring Training I have time to heal," Hunter said. "He has been around the game so long, you really don't want to mess with a guy like that. I really better watch my back."