Angels fans establish Guinness World Record

Angels fans establish Guinness World Record

ANAHEIM -- At the start of the fifth inning on Tuesday night, a vast majority of fans in Angel Stadium donned the red wrestling masks they'd been handed coming through the turnstiles, setting in process a Guinness World Record.

An official was on hand to certify the achievement after it reached the 10-minute mark, which was the original idea of Angels marketing associate John Rozak.

It shattered the existing mark of 250 people wearing costume masks at the same gathering.

There was a countdown in the crowd as the 10-minute barrier passed and masks came off thousands of heads. It occurred as Howard Kendrick was smacking his second double of the night, giving the Angels a 6-1 lead over the White Sox.

It became official at the end of the inning. Angels fans had, indeed, set the record.

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