Wells readying to play in next homestand

Wells readying to play in next homestand

MINNEAPOLIS -- Vernon Wells was tired, but it was a good kind of weariness. He'd been working out strenuously with the training staff before Saturday night's game against the Twins, testing his groin and getting back in condition for a return to the Angels' lineup that he'd like to see happen on the upcoming homestand running from June 3 through June 12.

"My whole lower half is sore from all the work I've been doing," Wells said. "I'd like to play on the next homestand. Once I have a few [Minor League] rehab starts, it will be a good indication of where I am with this."

Wells has been on the 15-day disabled list since May 10 after straining his groin on the right side coming out of the batter's box. It was the first groin injury of his career, and, as he discovered, "the groin is not a fun place to have an injury."

The timing of the injury wasn't good. After a sluggish start with his new team, Wells had begun to drive the ball with the force that made him one of the game's most feared hitters for a decade in Toronto before his shipment west in December in exchange for Mike Napoli and Juan Rivera.

Wells had three homers and seven RBIs in his previous eight games at the time of his injury, and the Angels were starting to get some consistency in their lineup.

"I knew [the consistency] was going to come -- it was just a matter of time," he said. "It's a matter, once you get back, of having that swagger back as a competitor. The biggest thing is knowing how good we can be. You look at the Red Sox, Yankees. It makes people upset because they're confident in what they're going to do. It's something we're confident we can be as a team."