Scioscia maintains views on blocking plate

Scioscia maintains views on blocking plate

Scioscia maintains views on blocking plate
KANSAS CITY -- In the wake of Buster Posey's season-ending injury, Angels manager Mike Scioscia said his dos and don'ts for blocking the plate have not changed.

"There are some techniques where you can protect yourself and soften the blow a little bit," Scioscia said. "But there are going to be some plays where you are going to be in an awkward position, and you just try to do the best you can to get a tag on a runner.

"I don't believe there is any re-evaluation of how we're going to teach it. I think it all comes down to individual preference of the catcher as to how much they are going to hang in there, and I don't think that's anything that has ever changed."

Oakland general manager Billy Beane recently issued a directive in which he told A's catcher Kurt Suzuki to focus on making the sweep tag rather than planting himself in front of the plate.

"There are definitely some plays that are going to turn into sweep tags and some plays where the ball is going to take you into the line of the runner," Scioscia said.

Scioscia said a catcher blocking the plate can often utilize the same techniques as a basketball player taking a charge.

"You definitely want your body in position to give," Scioscia said. "I think there is an art form to making a play at the plate."