Mathis, Bourjos revisit close call at home

Mathis, Bourjos revisit close call at home

Mathis, Bourjos revisit close call at home
ANAHEIM -- It's water under the bridge at this point, but the principals from the Angels' side involved in Sunday's controversial play at home plate at Dodger Stadium hadn't entirely let it go by Monday.

What made the game-turning call favoring the Dodgers' Dee Gordon so difficult to grasp in the aftermath of the 3-2 Angels' loss was that both center fielder Peter Bourjos and catcher Jeff Mathis handled the play about as adeptly as possible -- and the call that could have given the Angels a sweep went against them in spite of video evidence supporting their claims.

"Pete put the throw right where it needed to be, in the perfect spot, and I thought I had him sealed off and made the tag before he got to the plate," Mathis said. "The umpire [Tom Hallion] saw it a different way. It's extremely frustrating when you feel like you do everything right and it goes against you."

Bourjos, who made a whopping 10 assists in two months last season, is not having his strong, accurate arm challenged very often as a sophomore. Gordon's blinding speed took him right into Mathis, who had the ball in his glove before contact -- and before Gordon could slap the plate with a hand.

"I just tried to get behind the ball, get it on line and let the umpire make the decision," Bourjos said. "The replay looked like he was out, but that's a tough call. He's the umpire, not me."

Another replay, of Gordon stealing second base before the sacrifice fly by Aaron Miles, also indicated that he was tagged out. Shortstop Erick Aybar took Mathis' throw and appeared to get his glove on the runner before he reached the bag.

"No point in worrying about it now," Mathis said, shrugging. "I thought 'E' did a great job with his foot blocking Gordon, but they thought he was safe. That's over. Time to move on."