Scioscia believes ejections come in cycles

Scioscia believes ejections come in cycles

Scioscia believes ejections come in cycles
ANAHEIM -- Ejections of players and managers alike have seemingly become more abundant recently, but Angels manager Mike Scioscia is indifferent on the matter.

Most notably, Texas manager Ron Washington was quite outspoken on his confrontation with umpire Angel Hernandez. Washington and Rangers first-base coach Gary Pettis were both ejected by Hernandez during Sunday's game between Texas and Toronto.

Washington had choice words for Hernandez afterward, according to multiple reports, saying, "Angel is bad, that's all there is to it." Despite a probable fine in Washington's future, the skipper stood by his comments the next day.

There were no shortage of tossings in Tuesday's game between the Tigers and Angels, which incidentally also featured Hernandez as its third-base umpire. Three players -- the Angels' Bobby Abreu, and the Tigers' Justin Verlander and Rick Porcello -- along with Detroit manager Jim Leyland, were tossed before the Halos claimed a 1-0 win. Leyland was also ejected in a game against Toronto just eight days earlier.

"I think it's cyclical," Scioscia said. "I don't know if we've seen more or less of it, as far as what we've [as a team] experienced. ... You have two teams competing, and if an umpire misses a call somebody's going to contest it, or if somebody thinks they missed a call, they're going to contest it.

"There's going to be arguments. Sometimes guys are going to get ejected."

Abreu was the first to get his marching orders, as he was sent off in the first inning by home-plate umpire Angel Campos after he inquired about a called third strike.

"I thought that was a little quick, to be honest with you," Scioscia said. "Angel explained that he let Bobby have his say. He thought that Bobby was going to walk away and he didn't, and enough was enough."