Ryan, Scioscia weigh in on Williams' passing

Ryan, Scioscia weigh in on Williams' passing

ANAHEIM -- The Angels are among the many people and organizations that were affected by Thursday's passing of Dick Williams.

Williams, who served as the then-California Angels' manager from 1974-76, "loved the game and expected it to be played the right way," said former Angel great Nolan Ryan.

"I thought he was a really good baseball man," Ryan said. "He wasn't tough to play for from my perspective. You knew his expectations and if you play the game the way it's supposed to be played, he didn't mess with you. The players who had problems were the ones who didn't work hard enough or didn't give 100 percent when they were out there."

What current Angels manager Mike Scioscia hadn't learned of Williams in person -- Scioscia said he never spent much time around him -- he has heard from plenty of others.

"Talking to guys that have [spent time with Williams], I know I can appreciate his innovation, his attention to details and fundamentals, and his passion for the game," Scioscia said. "Those things resonate with anybody that I've talked to about him."