Trout continues to impress Scioscia

Trout continues to impress Scioscia

Trout continues to impress Scioscia
OAKLAND -- Angels manager Mike Scioscia said it would take "an hour" to answer a question that was put before him on Saturday before the doubleheader with the A's: "What has impressed you most about Mike Trout?"

"Let's narrow it down to what hasn't impressed me," Scioscia said.

And what might that be?


Trout has two hits in 13 Major League at-bats for a .154 average. But, as Scioscia pointed out, he has "hit the ball hard a number of times and gotten bunts down. He's not overmatched at the plate."

Trout, temporarily replacing Peter Bourjos in center field, is expected to be back in the Minor Leagues when he leaves his teens behind next month. His talent level and maturity at 19 are off the charts, in the view of the man who counts most.

"He's grown by leaps and bounds in the last year," Scioscia said. "He's not getting swallowed up by the opportunity to play in the big leagues. This experience will be something he'll hopefully look back on as very valuable as he continues his quest to be a big league player.

"It's crazy how mature this kid is. Physically, he's a specimen. You don't see guys with that size who can run like that short of the NFL combine. He's all about baseball. He understands the challenge of doing it every day. I don't think he's afraid to fail; he plays free. That's what you want from a young player."