Chatwood looking to regain command of plate

Chatwood looking to regain command of plate

Chatwood looking to regain command of plate
ANAHEIM -- Tyler Chatwood's rookie season has been a little erratic.

Though the 21-year-old stands at a more-than-respectable first-year record of 5-6 with a 3.71 ERA, those numbers have come in spite of a heavy surplus of walks. Those bases on balls -- 56 in 104 1/3 innings -- have led to some inconsistency.

Tuesday's start against Texas was the latest example. Four walks contributed to a pitch count that ran up to 108 in just five innings.

Chatwood's 4.8 walks per nine innings is the second-highest rate among all Major League rookies since 1990. The first pitcher on that list is Scott Kazmir, with whom the Angels are also familiar. On the other side of the coin, former American League Cy Young winner CC Sabathia sits at No. 3.

For Chatwood, improvement will come with a better mental approach.

"I think I just need to be more aggressive and trust my stuff a little more," he said.

The blueprint is already in place -- Chatwood need only refer back a couple months. He compiled a 2.78 ERA for the month of June, a month in which he also walked fewer batters (13) than both April and May.

"When I was on a good roll, I was pounding the zone, getting ahead early and just if I fell behind the next pitch was in there," Chatwood said. "I just need to get back to that. Stop nitpicking on the corners a little too much."