Climb up standings not distracting Angels

Climb up standings not distracting Angels

NEW YORK -- The Angels have made as much headway in terms of wins and losses as any team in the American League since mid-June, but that doesn't have them eyeing the standings just yet.

By climbing to a season-high 12 games over .500 with Tuesday's series-opening 6-4 victory over the Yankees, the Angels moved to an AL-best 33-16 since June 13.

They've kept pace with the Rangers in the AL West, but with another win or two against the Yankees this weekend, the Halos can factor into the AL Wild Card race as well.

"Our philosophy is the standings are your report card, and if you focus on the report card, you lose the day-to-day approach you need to reach your goal," Angels skipper Mike Scioscia said. "There's time to look at the standings, time to see where you are, but the first week in August is not that time."

Through 116 games last season, the Angels -- who have won the division five times since 2004 -- were 59-57 and 7 1/2 games back of first place.

"Adjusting your rotation for matchups and everything is too early to look at now, but it's something you'll certainly be aware of as you make that turn into September and could influence some of the moves you make if you're in the hunt or depending on the division position you're in," Scioscia said.