Hansen won't be back as hitting coach

Hitting coach Dave Hansen will not return for the 2018 season, the Angels announced on Wednesday.

Hansen had served the club in that capacity for the past two seasons, following two seasons as the Angels' assistant hitting coach. He began his tenure alongside the late Don Baylor under manager Mike Scioscia.

A 15-year big leaguer who played for the Dodgers, Padres and Mariners, Hansen oversaw a unit that this year ranked among the lowest in offense. The Angels were third from the bottom in the Major Leagues in batting average (.243) and fourth-lowest in slugging (.397), with the seventh-worst ground-ball rate (47.3 percent).

Scioscia, the longest-tenured manager in MLB, will return next season, the Angels confirmed this week. The Angels haven't won a postseason game since 2009, the first year in the skipper's current 10-year contract.

Daniel Kramer is a reporter for MLB.com based in Denver. Follow him on Twitter at @DKramer_. This story was not subject to the approval of Major League Baseball or its clubs.