Izturis prepared for any role this season

Izturis prepared for any role this season

Izturis prepared for any role this season
TEMPE, Ariz. -- Veteran infielder Maicer Izturis has arrived in Angels camp and proclaims to feeling "healthy, relaxed and ready to go."

Another feeling that may be mixed in there: uneasiness.

Izturis is one of a handful of Angels who doesn't really know where he fits on the 2012 club. For the better part of his eight-year career, Izturis has basically just fit in where he could -- at third base, shortstop, second, wherever.

But since the Albert Pujols signing has caused a bit of a clutter -- one where Kendrys Morales is hoping to fill in at designated hitter, Mark Trumbo is scrounging for at-bats at third base and guys like Izturis and Alberto Callaspo are unsure where they stand -- it's a little different for Izturis this year.

"I know there are a bunch of teams that want me," Izturis, who usually arrives early from Venezuela, said in Spanish on Wednesday. "I know there are a lot of teams that want to give me second base every day, or shortstop every day, but I'm in the hands of [the Angels]. And if I'm here, I'm going to try to take on whatever role they give me. If they trade me, then hopefully it's good for the team and for me, too."

The switch-hitting Izturis played in a career-high 122 games last year, batting .276 with a .334 on-base percentage while getting starts at third base, second base, shortstop and DH. Izturis, who's owed $3.8 million in the final year of his contract, hasn't had a chance to speak with manager Mike Scioscia about where he stands.

He hasn't had a chance to touch base with good friend and countryman Bobby Abreu, either.

Abreu, whose situation is the most unclear of them all, recently told ESPNdeportes.com he'd prefer to be traded if he isn't playing every day. For his part, Izturis believes Abreu won't be a distraction when he arrives, saying: "He's a professional, a smart guy, and he's a good teammate."

But he can sympathize with Abreu's frustration.

"It's tough, because he's a guy who plays every day, and for this situation to present itself, it's a bit uncomfortable for a guy like him," Izturis said. "Let's see what happens when he shows up and for them to explain to him the situation. These are things we can't control as ballplayers."