Walden letting fans suggest entrance music

Walden letting fans suggest entrance music

TEMPE, Ariz. -- Jordan Walden isn't sure what should blare from the Angel Stadium speakers when he comes out for the ninth inning this season, so he's hoping the fans can help.

Via FOX Sports West, the Angels' second-year closer is using Facebook to get fans to list suggestions for his entrance music this year.

"It's something I really wanted to do because I really don't know," Walden said. "I was thinking to myself what I wanted to come up to, so I felt like it could be better if I had a list of songs."

Last year, for his first full season in the big leagues, Dan Haren picked a Rob Zombie song -- "Dragula" -- for Walden's walk-up music, and now Walden wants to switch it up. He likes hip-hop (Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, Eminem), and since he's from Texas, he has an affinity for country music (Tim McGraw, Zac Brown Band, Blake Shelton).

But Walden wants "something that's going to get me going and get the fans going," and he realizes some more heavy metal may be best for that.

"When one sticks, it sticks, I guess," said Walden, who isn't sure about any deadlines for suggestions. "I'm just looking for the right one. I want to see what the fans have to say, see what they can come up with."