Trumbo's size complicates transition to third

Trumbo's size complicates transition to third

Trumbo's size complicates transition to third
TEMPE, Ariz. -- As a converted first baseman who stands 6-foot-4, Mark Trumbo will face two major challenges in his quest to become an adequate Major League third baseman -- slow rollers and balls hit to his left.

Slow rollers and bunts could be tough for somebody Trumbo's size, and first basemen hardly ever field grounders to their left-hand side.

Trumbo worked on mainly those two plays Tuesday, with bench coach Rob Picciolo hitting live fungos -- meaning he stands in the batter's box and hits soft tosses to simulate how a ball would come at him in a game -- and infield coach Alfredo Griffin in his ear.

"We're just trying to make him aware of the position," Griffin said. "We're not looking for anything right now, just trying to make him comfortable over there and get him used to the position. It's tough -- the guy's never played the position -- for you to try to tell him to do things right away without him knowing what he's doing."

As far as his running program, Trumbo is making cuts around the infield and should progress toward running the bases soon, in hopes of possibly getting into games by the end of this week.

"I feel perfect," Trumbo said Tuesday.

"I don't think he's that far behind," Angels manager Mike Scioscia added. "You want him to get a little bit under his legs before you're comfortable putting him in games on the offensive side. Right now on the defensive side, he's ready to get in games."