Walden feels good to go for season opener

Walden feels good to go for season opener

Walden feels good to go for season opener
TEMPE, Ariz. -- Pitching back-to-back days for the first time this spring, Jordan Walden would have been just fine had he awoken Saturday morning to a bit of soreness in his right arm.

When the Angels' closer woke up to no tenderness at all, he was taken aback by the realization that his arm felt better than expected, meaning he's already good to go for the club's regular season opener against the Royals on Friday.

"You expect to feel a little sore, and I wasn't," Walden said. "My arm felt good. So I feel like I'm in good shape right now and I'm almost ready for the season to start."

Walden pitched with the big league club on Thursday against the Royals, before throwing a Minor league game on Friday. He won't throw back-to-back days again this spring.

For Walden, throwing on consecutive days was one of the last hurdles he needed to overcome before being fully ready for the season.

"It's something that you don't do until you get here and at game speed," Walden said. "At home, you can't really train for back-to-back games. It's something that your arm's got to be able to do."

Walden has struggled a bit this spring, allowing six runs in 7 1/3 innings. He'll get a few appearances in the club's remaining Spring Training games, where he says he'll be fine-tuning.

"I still have to work on my off-speed pitches a little bit, and my command," Walden said. "It's just little things, but I think, all together, I'm ready for the season to start."