Most regulars headed back to LA Saturday

Most regulars headed back to LA Saturday

Most regulars headed back to LA Saturday
TEMPE, Ariz. -- With the Angels set for a three-game exhibition series in Southern California against the Dodgers, most of the club's regulars will break camp following Saturday's game against the Cubs and head back to Los Angeles.

A few big names, most notably Jered Weaver and Mark Trumbo, will stay in Tempe for Sunday's game against the Cubs, but for the most part, the Angels' big leaguers officially concluded their Cactus League slate on Saturday.

"At this point, everyone wants to get out of here," right-hander starter Dan Haren said. "We've been here a while. A lot of early mornings. So we're ready for games to start mattering."

Haren, who lives in Los Angeles, noted just how sweet it is to be headed home to see his family. Coupled with the anticipation of the regular season, Haren said his enthusiasm is running pretty high right now.

"It's pretty much the same excitement [every year], except, obviously, this year with the team we have, I think there's a little bit more excitement," Haren said. "But at this point, if you went around to every team, they'd be ready to get out."

Manager Mike Scioscia said the trip back home is well deserved.

"These guys are ready for night games, there's no doubt about it," Scioscia said. "There's the Groundhog Day aspect that comes into every Spring Training as you get to a certain point in spring, and I think we're at that."

Catcher Chris Iannetta used his spring getting used to a new club after being acquired from the Rockies in a trade last November. He said the six weeks of training serve a purpose, but the club is ready to start the season.

"There's a reason we come here in the spring, and that's to get into shape," Iannetta said. "No matter how much you do in the offseason, training-wise, you can't substitute the game reps, you can't substitute being on the field. You go through this whole process to get to where we almost are now, the regular season."