Out of lineup, Trumbo plugs away at third base

Out of lineup, Trumbo plugs away at third base

Out of lineup, Trumbo plugs away at third base
ANAHEIM -- Hard at work before Tuesday's game against the A's, Mark Trumbo could be seen on the field at Angel Stadium hours before first pitch, taking ground balls at third base.

Trumbo wasn't in the team's starting lineup for the second straight night, but manager Mike Scioscia insists Trumbo will get his chances.

"He'll get in there," Scioscia said. "We have some things that we are looking at. Mark had a great workout at third base today and he will get in there.

"He'll get starts at first, third, left, right and designated hitter. Right now, some guys look like they are going to break out that we just want to keep in the lineup."

On Tuesday, Trumbo specifically worked on his approach to the ball at third base and how to present his glove, while Scioscia and coaches Alfredo Griffin and Rob Picciolo looked on. It's a routine he's begun doing three to four times a week.

"I want them to be comfortable putting me out there. I am putting so much emphasis on putting the work in to try and give myself the best chance to make those plays," Trumbo said. "I need to make those plays to be at third. If I can't make the routine play, I don't belong there."

In his three starts at third -- he's also started twice at DH -- Trumbo has committed three errors.

He's done especially well at the plate though, batting .375 with two home runs and three RBIs to begin the season.

"My confidence has to remain high at third," Trumbo said. "Whether or not I am getting the results, I have to go in mentally thinking I am the best third baseman in the game.

"I didn't expect it to be easy. It is tremendously challenging. I expected it to be difficult, and at times it has been."