Morales out again vs. left-handed starter

Morales out again vs. left-handed starter

MINNEAPOLIS -- Angels manager Mike Scioscia said prior to the season that Kendrys Morales' days off would preferably only come against lefties, and for the most part, he has stuck to that plan.

Morales was out of the starting lineup for the second straight night on Tuesday, with the Twins trotting out their second straight southpaw in Scott Diamond, who was making his first start of the season and has never pitched against the Angels before. Morales, a switch-hitter who's batting .318 with two homers and nine RBIs in 24 games, has received just 13 plate appearances against lefties this year, compared to 79 against righties.

"My timing's good, it's there," Morales said of how he feels from the right side of the plate. "I just have to wait for them to give me the opportunity. That's it."

Of Morales' eight days off, only one -- April 15 against the Yankees' Ivan Nova -- has come against a righty.

Asked on Monday about eventually getting Morales more at-bats against lefties, Scioscia said: "The schedule gives you some built-in looks to give him a little time off to make sure that he's staying fresh. He's played a stretch of games and he's come out of it fine. We definitely want him to get some looks against lefties also. It's just a matter of where our pieces can fit."