Hunter, Angels happy to ride the wave

Hunter, Angels happy to ride the wave

DENVER -- Winners of 13 of their last 17, with a chance to sweep their third series of the year should they beat the Rockies on Sunday, the Angels are finally looking like the team preseason pundits said they'd be.

"We're playing a lot better than we did the first six weeks," said Angels outfielder Torii Hunter. "We couldn't find the chemistry, and the team grew offbeat. But now we're having fun, lifting each other up."

Hunter stressed a well-practiced baseball axiom: "The game is a game of failure," he said before Sunday's game. How else could you explain a team with a $151-million payroll finishing April with a 8-15 record? "We've got to keep riding this boat," Hunter said. "We know baseball; three out of 10 here, and you're a hero. You go three out of 10 in your job, and you're fired. Three out of 10 in school, and it's an "F." Three out of 10 in any other sport, and you're released. It being such a beast of a game makes it great whenever you're playing well."

The Angels set new season highs for runs (11) and hits (15) in an 11-5 win over the Rockies on Saturday, a win that pushed them to three games behind the Rangers in the American League West.

"I won't talk about the Rangers, or anybody else," Hunter said. "We've got to ride out this wave until it ends."