Anderson reflects on 2002 World Series

Anderson reflects on 2002 World Series

Anderson reflects on 2002 World Series
ANAHEIM -- Standing in the Angels dugout getting ready for his current TV gig, it was hard for former outfielder Garret Anderson to feel much nostalgia while looking out on the other side, even though the Giants were visiting Angel Stadium for the first time since the Angels beat them in Game 7 for their first and only World Series title 10 years ago.

"All you see is the uniform," Anderson said. "The players are all gone."

Indeed. No player on either side played in that 2002 Series. Mike Scioscia remains at the helm of the Angels, representing a stability that's quite uncommon in this profession. But Anderson and Tim Salmon are analysts for Angels games on FOX Sports West. Dusty Baker is managing the Reds. Barry Bonds hasn't played in five years. And Mike Trout was 11 years old when the whole thing went down.

For Giants fans -- many of whom still blame the loss on Baker removing Russ Ortiz in Game 6 and handing him the game ball -- the Series was misery.

For Angels fans, it was sheer bliss -- from Salmon's heroic Game 2 home run, to the epic Game 6 comeback, to the Game 7 triumph.

"Everything had its own identity, and every game had a story in itself," Anderson said. "Obviously, Game 7 [is the most vivid memory] because we won. But every game had its own thing you can draw off of."

And while the current makeup of these teams is completely different from the Fall Classic of a decade ago, its impact is evident on the current Angels club. Back then, the Angels were off the beaten path. Now, they're a big-market club that ranks fourth in payroll and has drawn 3 million fans for nine straight seasons.

"It all started from there," said Anderson, a three-time All-Star during his 15 years with the Angels. "It definitely changed everything, in terms of more fans showing up to the park and the whole identity of the organization. It's almost like you're validated. You get your ticket, to be part of that club that's won a World Series."