Kendrick prone to letting bats slip from grip

Kendrick prone to letting bats slip from grip

ANAHEIM -- Howie Kendrick never means to, but it has become a habit to give out a special souvenir to a lucky fan every once in awhile.

During Friday night's 8-5 win against the Dodgers, Kendrick lost the grip on his bat and it soared into the stands. It was one of a handful of times this year the second baseman has let go of his bat only to have it fly over the third-base dugout.

It's not an official statistic, but along with Kendrick, Rangers outfielder Josh Hamilton has been known to lose his grip more often than other players. It just happens, Kendrick said.

"It's just one of those things, there's no rhyme or reason to it," Kendrick said. "Some guys just do it more than others."

Most of the time, Kendrick will let the fan keep the bat and just grab a new one out of the dugout. But when he's running low on lumber, and the one he's using has had a lot of hits in it (he has 12 hits in his last 36 at-bats), sometimes he'll ask for it back and replace it with another.

"I got the bat last night because, right now, I've been hitting the ball," Kendrick said. "I just liked that bat. It felt good. I'm trying to use the same one. Usually I'll replace it with another one, but I didn't have time. More times than not, I'll let the guy keep it."