Scioscia would change ASG roster assembly

Scioscia would change ASG roster assembly

Scioscia would change ASG roster assembly
TORONTO -- Angels manager Mike Scioscia has called the manner in which All-Star Game rosters are assembled a "flawed" process, mainly because he thinks that process isn't in tune with the stakes at hand.

"If this game became an exhibition with no consequences, meaning you're playing for pride, then I think a lot of the things that are in play are fine," said Scioscia, who's also a member of Commissioner Bud Selig's special committee. "But once you put the stakes of saying, 'This is going to give home-field advantage in the playoffs' ... I think it changes the whole dynamics of how you would go about doing it."

While admitting several other matters -- particularly schedule reform -- are of higher priority in Major League Baseball, Scioscia believes there are several things that need to be looked at with regard to selecting teams for an All-Star Game that decides home-field advantage in the World Series.

Among those items: The fact that there are now 33 players on each side; fans select the starting position players; and the fact that his team has only one day off before the event.

Scioscia believes there should be four days off before the Midsummer Classic, so that every pitcher would have enough rest in order to factor into the game. In terms of each club having at least one representative, he sees both sides: The appeal of fans being guaranteed of having a player from their team involved, and the freedom to construct a winning roster.

As for fans selecting the starters?

"I think fan voting is something that can be part of the equation," Scioscia said, "but I think the league should have more say in who they want to go out there and try to win a game for them that there's so much riding on."