Trout says meeting Sheen was 'really cool'

Trout says meeting Sheen was 'really cool'

Trout says meeting Sheen was 'really cool'
NEW YORK -- Every now and then, Mike Trout will get these little reminders about just how popular he's become over these last few months.

The latest came during the just-completed All-Star Game. It had nothing to do with being selected, or all the media attention he got leading up to it, or even the pats on the back from future Hall of Famers.

It came after everything was done -- when Charlie Sheen told him how big a fan he is.

"Really cool, man," Trout said. "It was great to meet him. A lot of people say that you talk to people that are on TV shows and stuff like that, and they sound different. But he's just like he is on 'Two And A Half Men.' That's pretty crazy."

Trout had just finished up a meal at The Capital Grille in Kansas City with his brother on Tuesday night, a few hours after getting a hit off R.A. Dickey and drawing a walk against Aroldis Chapman in the All-Star Game, when waitresses told him Sheen was outside. So, Trout figured he'd introduce himself.

He didn't have to.

"He knew who I was," Trout said before playing his first game at Yankee Stadium, which is about a three-hour drive from his hometown of Millville, N.J. "He follows baseball and stuff like that. It was pretty neat. Just seeing him and all the shows he's done, it's pretty crazy. He was pretty chill. ... He said he loves what I do."

To Trout, though, the biggest celebrity sighting was actually Adam Sandler in Rancho Cucamonga, Calif., a couple of years ago -- except Sandler didn't have any idea who he was at that point.

With Sheen, Trout played it cool.

His brother, Tyler, didn't.

"He was in the background shaking," Trout said. "It was pretty neat for him to meet him, too. Pretty cool."