Long an admirer of Jeter, Trout now also admired

Long an admirer of Jeter, Trout now also admired

Long an admirer of Jeter, Trout now also admired
NEW YORK -- Mike Trout grew up a Phillies fan, but he also grew up a shortstop -- a position he played until his senior year of high school. As a New Jersey-raised kid, there's no better shortstop to admire than Yankees captain Derek Jeter.

Over the last few days, Trout has had a chance to get to know Jeter a lot better. He shared the same clubhouse with him during the All-Star Game, is playing against Jeter's team this weekend -- which represents Trout's first visit to Yankee Stadium as a Major Leaguer -- and, on Friday, Trout's family actually got a chance to sit in Jeter's suite.

Trout's parents, brother and girlfriend all had tickets to the game. But Jeter, through a clubhouse attendant, offered up his suite for the series opener to give them a more comfortable venue.

"It was pretty neat," Trout said. "Really nice of him to do that."

Jeter was the one guy Trout was especially looking forward to meeting while in Kansas City earlier this week for the Midsummer Classic. The two had shared casual conversations at second base and around the batting cage, but Trout never really got to sit down with Jeter until they represented the American League together.

"He's a great guy," Trout said. "Everything I've heard about him is true. Great person. Everything he does is the right thing. He's out there playing hard, he's great with the community, he's a great role model."

Trout had a single, a double and two stolen bases in the Angels' 6-5 loss to the Yankees on Friday, raising his AL-leading batting average to .344 and putting his stolen-base total at 28, which also tops the Junior Circuit.

An invitation to the All-Star Game already happened, the AL Rookie of the Year Award seems likely and, as the season continues, Trout's case to be the AL's Most Valuable Player only grows stronger.

"It goes without saying he's talented, but I always look at how people play as opposed to the results," Jeter said of Trout at the All-Star Game. "It seems like he plays hard all the time."