Criticism pushes B. Wilson to give up Twitter

Criticism pushes B. Wilson to give up Twitter

ANAHEIM -- Bobby Wilson is done with Twitter.

He gave it a shot, tried, like many athletes, to use it as a tool to interact with fans, but the vitriol that came with it was ultimately too much for the Angels' backup catcher to stomach. On Thursday, Wilson decided it just wasn't worth dealing with anymore, so he posted the following message on his now-deleted account, @BW46 --

I'm done with twitter. Try to be fan friendly and all I get is criticism. I wasn't blessed with 5 tools. I worked hard to get here.

Asked about it Friday, Wilson didn't want to get into detail about what ultimately set him off. But he indicated that fans were taking shots at his personal life and wanted to stop tweeting before writing things that could hurt his career or his standing with the team.

"For the people that were fans and were nice, I feel bad, because those were the people that were affected because I know myself, as a fan of football and basketball, I like to hear what those guys have to say and how their interactions are," Wilson said.

"But sometimes [they] just cross the line a little too much, and when it gets personal and when it gets to family, I don't need to hear it. People don't know my situation growing up, so to attack somebody based on what I do professionally, I don't think it's right, honestly. I understand that's the world we live in, but at the same time, I don't have to take it at home. I take enough of it at the ballpark. It's just a shame for the good people, that were fans and that were good about it."