Trout becoming expert thief of home runs

Trout becoming expert thief of home runs

ANAHEIM -- Mike Trout can break a lot of hearts. Just ask the Mariners' Miguel Olivo, who on Saturday night became the third person to have a home run taken away from him by the Angels' star center fielder this season.

"It was gone, but he jumped like Spiderman," Olivo said, citing a nickname that once referenced current right fielder Torii Hunter. "I'm not the only one. He's got like four of those this year. It's unbelievable. He jumped high, too. I saw the replay and he jumped like 4 feet up."

Trout also robbed Orioles shortstop J.J. Hardy in Baltimore on June 27 -- a play many still consider this year's best catch -- and did it again to White Sox second baseman Gordon Beckham on Aug. 4.

According to ESPN, Trout is the first player to take away three home runs in a season since Mariners teammates Ichiro Suzuki and Franklin Gutierrez did it in 2010. The 21-year-old says he doesn't really practice the art, though. He and several of his teammates fool around with it in batting practice, "but you have to be careful in BP, you don't want to get hurt."

"It's basically a last-second thing," Trout said. "I just get to the wall, find my spot and jump up and catch it."

"It's almost pure athleticism," manager Mike Scioscia added. "It's probably 90 percent athleticism and 10 percent technique."