Scioscia has fond memories of Pesky

Scioscia has fond memories of Pesky

BOSTON -- Angels manager Mike Scioscia always discussed baseball strategy with Red Sox legend Johnny Pesky when the Angels came to Fenway Park. Scioscia no longer has that opportunity.

Pesky died last Monday at the age of 92. He spent 61 years with the Red Sox organization as a player, manager, coach, broadcaster and executive. The Red Sox honored him before Tuesday's series opener.

Scioscia first met Pesky in 2000, during his debut season as Angels manager.

"I was introduced to him and we talked every time I came to town here for a long time," Scioscia said. "He's a special guy."

Pesky was beloved by Red Sox fans ever since his debut as a shortstop in 1942. He hit .331 as a rookie, and finished third in the Most Valuable Player Award voting. The next year, Pesky served in the Navy during World War II. He spent the final 44 years of his life as a Red Sox employee, and was a part of their inaugural Hall of Fame class in 1995.

"He's a player from a special era in baseball, and not only was he a terrific player, but just a true gentleman and a really nice man," Scioscia said. "It was great to talk to him, and he always had unique insights that you could draw from."