Iannetta becoming Angels' rock behind plate

Iannetta becoming Angels' rock behind plate

KANSAS CITY -- Angels catcher Chris Iannetta is assuming the role of an iron man behind home plate.

Iannetta has caught in every game this month, getting his 13th start in 14 September contests on Saturday against the Royals. He returned to the lineup on July 29 after missing nearly three months with injuries to his right thumb and forearm.

Did his time away contribute to less fatigue as the season winds down?

"I think it's a double-edged sword," Iannetta said. "If you're playing every day or you've played the whole season, then you build up this functional endurance throughout the course of the season that gets you in shape for this time of year. Obviously, there's a fatigue involved with that. Then you take three months off or you lose three months, you work out as hard as you can and you run and you lift, but nothing really equates to that functional endurance. I don't really know. I've been playing the majority of the time this time of year. I would say it feels about the same."

In 38 games since coming off the DL, Iannetta hit .281 with five home runs and 14 RBIs. He said he feels good at the plate and that getting things going on the offensive end has made things more enjoyable.

"Anytime you have some success, it's always comforting, it's always fun," Iannetta said. "It makes the game that much more fun. The game itself is fun, but when you're succeeding it's even more fun."