Trumbo fondly recalls prodigious Derby blasts

Trumbo fondly recalls prodigious Derby blasts

Trumbo fondly recalls prodigious Derby blasts
KANSAS CITY -- Mark Trumbo recently did some reminiscing in the Angels' dugout about his glory days at Kauffman Stadium.

The infielder was answering questions from a couple of teammates regarding his performance in the 2012 Home Run Derby, which took place in Kansas City on July 9. Trumbo hit 14 home runs that night, many of the tape-measure variety, including the one that landed on the roof of the Royals Hall of Fame.

"They asked about a couple of them," Trumbo said. "I tried to point them out, which one my favorite one was and some other stuff like that."

Trumbo's favorite was his line-drive shot to center field. But what about the one that hit the roof?

"That was cool, too," he said. "It was a blast. It was a really fun time, and I definitely have fond memories of what I was able to take away from that."

Since, though, Trumbo hasn't been able to replicate the production that earned him a spot on the American League All-Star team. In 53 second-half games entering Saturday, he's hit just .215 with only eight of his 30 total home runs. He's also seen increased off-days this month, and he was again out of the starting lineup on Saturday.

Trumbo, though, did single and score on pinch-hitter Kendrys Morales' game-tying home run in the eighth inning of Friday night's 9-7 win over the Royals. He agreed that it could be something that gets things going in the right direction.

"It was nice to contribute in that way," Trumbo said. "I've got to take care of my own business. As far as being able to score a run, that was great."