Hamilton changes mindset to counter timid approach

Hamilton changes mindset to counter timid approach

CHICAGO -- A lot of the chatter surrounding Josh Hamilton this season has centered on his perceived lack of discipline at the plate, which makes it interesting to hear what the Angels' right fielder believes has been the problem.

"I was being too timid," Hamilton said recently. "I was trying not to strike out. I was trying to make contact, and I wasn't being myself."

Hamilton says he's changed his mindset and turned up the aggression since the start of a three-game series in Houston, which he finished with homers in back-to-back games. But then he went 1-for-12 with three strikeouts in three games against the White Sox, giving him a .203/.253/.331 slash line heading into the series finale.

Compared to last year, Hamilton has swung at fewer pitches out of the zone (45.4 to 42.3 percent) and fewer pitches inside the zone (84.9 to 80.7 percent). He says he fell into a timid habit in Spring Training and is just now getting back to his usual aggression.

"I was trying not to get out," Hamilton said. "I was trying not to get out and was being more jumpy. Now, it's be aggressive until you decide not to swing."

When will it lead to him getting on his first hot streak with the Angels?

That remains to be seen, but his former manager believes it's only a matter of time.

"You're not going to hold down Josh the whole year," Rangers skipper Ron Washington told reporters in Houston. "He'll have his moments, and they'll be beautiful. He's just too talented."

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