Fans, employees wig out at stadium to set record

Fans, employees wig out at stadium to set record

ANAHEIM -- The Angels set their latest Guinness world record on Saturday night.

This time the organization set the record for the largest gathering of people wearing rally wigs. In the fifth inning of Saturday's 2-0 loss to the Astros, fans and ballpark employees donned wigs for 10 consecutive minutes to set the record.

After the announcement was made to put on the wigs in the top of the fifth, fans cheered and rose to their feet; they also did the wave.

The headgear, a mix of red and white, was distributed before the game as part of a promotion. Though some fans discarded their wigs after the record was established, many sported them for the entire game.

Angel Stadium has already been the site of the Guinness world records for the most cowboy hats, wrestling masks and Snuggie blankets worn.

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