Scioscia to continue hitting Hamilton second

Scioscia to continue hitting Hamilton second

ANAHEIM -- When Angels manager Mike Scioscia unveiled his lineup for Sunday's series finale against the Yankees, Josh Hamilton's name was absent and Mike Trout's was back to the second spot in the order.

However, Scioscia has not given up on having Trout, Hamilton and Albert Pujols at the top of his order. Hamilton was simply given Sunday off to rest and will likely continue to hit second when he returns to the lineup.

"It's a week of him hitting second," Scioscia said of the small sample size. "It's worth the experiment if he moves forward and we become a better overall team, but you have to balance that with the ability to set the table for the middle of your lineup. If Josh isn't making progress, then obviously we will have to readjust, but it's worth putting a little more time into it."

Scioscia didn't specify how long "a little more time" actually is, but after a brief seven games, the change has not sparked Hamilton's offense the way Scioscia and the Angels were hoping.

Hamilton is hitting .188 with one home run and three RBIs since he was moved up in the order.

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