Willits fills in for Hunter on Saturday

Willits fills in for Hunter on Saturday

DETROIT -- It was a short spring for reserve outfielder Reggie Willits, who was limited for most of spring with a right hamstring injury. But Willits is feeling better and manager Mike Scioscia elected to give Torii Hunter a day off on Saturday.

Willits isn't worried about trying to get multiple hits when he is in the game given that his at-bats are likely to be limited in the future. But he does want quality at-bats, to put the ball in play and play superior defense.

"When you don't get to start on a regular basis you can get into a game, go 0-for-3 and feel like you had three good at-bats," Willits said. "You can't look at everything from a hit standpoint."

Scioscia admits that Willits hasn't had enough time to get locked in offensively yet this year but feels that his reserve center fielder is 100 percent healthy.

"Reggie has seen pitches and is ready to go," Scioscia said. "He's a very good situational hitter for us. We like what he can do."